A key component of everyday products that touch our daily lives methanol can also be used as a marine fuel. On December 11, 2018, Methanol Institute sponsored (along with Methanex, Fed Com and several others) a Methanol as a Marine Fuel Seminar in Dubai. The event included many industry leaders who spoke about methanol’s benefits in the marine and shipping industry and its use for lowering carbon emissions and tackling environmental concerns.

Methanol-As- A- Marine Fuel


Presentations from All of Speakers Below:

Ben Iosefa

MI Member, Methanex’s Ben Iosefa presented at the event, touching on how methanol can be environmentally safe for the marine industry. Read his presentation now.


Tim Chan

MI’s Tim Chan also presented on Methanol’s role in the marine industry and its future.


Bengt Ramne

Bengt Ramne from ScandiNAOS AB presented at the event, highlighting  successful methanol projects happening in the shipping industry!


Mark Penfold

Mark Penfold, from American Bureau of Shipping, spoke at the event on using methanol fuel in the marine industry under the ABS current rules and regulations.


Captain Saleem Alavi

Consultant, Captain Saleem Alavi presented on how to navigate the shipping industry and develop strategies in the marine industry.


Carleen Lyden Walker

NAMEPA’s Carleen Lyden Walker presented on Sustainability in Shipping.

Ibrahim Behairy Tier III Presentation

Ibrahim Behairy

Ibrahim Behairy presented on the technological review of using methanol in ship engines to meet global emission requirements.