Methanol Institute's Commitment to Safety

Whether working with a biodiesel plant manager in Germany, a tanker truck driver at a chemical distribution warehouse in Algeria, a shipping terminal manager in China, or a wastewater treatment plant operator in the United States, MI and our members are committed to promoting the safe handling of methanol in order to protect your health and that of your co-workers, your workplace, your community and our shared environment.
All of MI’s safe handling materials are available free of charge to the public.  Please download and share our updated Methanol Safe Handling Manual, and be sure to watch our Methanol Safe Handling Video.  In addition to these resources, we also have a large variety of technical bulletins available on issues ranging from methanol storage and transportation to materials compatibility.

5th Edition Methanol Safe Handling Manual

The 5th Edition of the Methanol Safe Handling Manual provides an overview of critical methanol safety information, including methanol health and fire risks, and how to mitigate them through proper safe handling procedures. This important document provides critical information not just for methanol production facility personnel, but anyone who may come in contact with methanol across the global distribution chain.

Safety Videos

Featured Technical Bulletin

For additional information on Methanol safe handling, visit our additional resources page.