Methanol Institute's Commitment to Safety

As the global trade association for the methanol industry, product stewardship is Job #1 for the Methanol Institute. Whether working with a wastewater treatment plant operator in the United States, a biodiesel plant manager in Germany, a tanker truck driver at a chemical distribution warehouse in Algeria, or a shipping terminal manager in China, the organization is committed to promoting the safe handling of methanol in order to protect your health and that of your co-workers, your workplace, the environment, and your community.

New 5th Edition Methanol Safe Handling Manual Available Now

The Methanol Institute (MI), the trade association for the global methanol industry, is proud to introduce a new and updated 5th Edition of our Methanol Safe Handling Manual, as well as updates to our suite of technical bulletins. The Methanol Safe Handling Manual provides an overview of critical methanol safety information, including methanol health and fire risks, and how to mitigate them through proper safe handling procedures. This important document provides critical information not just for methanol production facility personnel, but anyone who may come in contact with methanol across the global distribution chain.


Watch our methanol safe handling video!

Looking for more specific safety information? Below are various technical bulletins on safely loading and unloading methanol, transporting methanol, and storing methanol.

Crisis Communications Guidebook
Prepared by ENVIRON International Corporation for Methanol Institute

This Crisis Communication Guidebook has been developed to assist companies that produce, handle or use methanol to be prepared to react in
the event of an unforeseen incident

proFLASH: Methanol Fire Detection and Extinguishment
Franz Evegren

Research Scientist, Fire Safety & Risk Management – SP Technical Research Institute of Sweden

2017 Safe Handling Manual Health and Safety Module

A standalone module focusing specifically on health and safety for users looking to directly access this critical information.

Methanol Safe Handling Take Home Tips

A smaller, take home document, built from the larger Methanol Safe Handling Manual.

Methanol Small Quantities Bulletin

This Bulletin is about relatively small quantities of methanol or products containing methanol, such as maximum 60 gallon containers or smaller size containers (e.g., hand held) or small sized portable tanks.

Atmospheric Above Ground Tank Storage of Methanol

Take a look at the guidelines for designing, fabricating, constructing, repairing, and safeguarding above-ground methanol storage tanks.

Methanol Drum Transport Handling and Storage

This technical bulletin delves deeper into shipping and handling regulations, proper drum usage, and controlling static accumulation and spark discharge.

Precautions for Loading and Unloading Methanol

A shorter technical bulletin reviewing the best loading and unloading practices, as well as corrosion and combustion subject matter.