MI member Methanol Market Services Asia (MMSA) has provided its most recent historic methanol market assessment of key global pricing and supply/demand figures. MMSA is a Singapore-based consulting firm that services the global methanol industry. MMSA provides weekly, monthly, quarterly, and annual market advisory services covering all major global methanol and derivative markets. Their global consulting staff has over 90 combined years of expertise in assessing the methanol and derivatives industries. The Methanol Institute is sharing the information provided here by MMSA as a service to the community, this does not represent an endorsement by MI and should not be considered as an official reference price index. The Methanol Institute assumes no liability whatsoever with respect to the accuracy and completeness of the information presented below, and disclaims all liability arising out of the use of such data.

March 2020

Global Methanol Pricing Comparison march 2020

Methanol Price

This chart compares global methanol pricing in key regional markets (United States Gulf Coast, Rotterdam, Coastal China) on a spot and contract (posting before discounts) basis. It runs from April 2016 to March  2020. The MMSA data is also available in excel form via the link below. For questions regarding this data, please contact MMSA.


Global Methanol Supply and Demand Jan 2020

Methanol Supply/Demand

The chart above shows historic supply and demand of methanol by key derivative over the past several years, with the 2019 data in the process of being finalized. The MMSA data is also available in excel form via the link below. For questions regarding this data, please contact MMSA

Disclaimer: MMSA conducted this analysis and prepared this report utilizing reasonable care and skill in applying methods of analysis consistent with normal industry practice.  All results are based on information available at the time of review.  Changes in factors upon which the review is based could affect the results. Forecasts are inherently uncertain because of events or combinations of events that cannot reasonably be foreseen including the actions of government, individuals,  third parties and competitors.  NO IMPLIED WARRANTY OF MERCHANTABILITY OR FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE SHALL APPLY.