The Benefits of Methanol As An Alternative Fuel

As the most basic alcohol, methanol is an affordable alternative transportation fuel due to its efficient combustion, ease of distribution and wide availability around the globe. Methanol is a high octane fuel that enables very efficient and powerful performance in spark ignition engines. Engines optimized for methanol could provide an energy based efficiency gain of 50% over a standard (port fuel injected, non-turbo) gasoline engine in a light-duty vehicle. The power-producing qualities of methanol are well-known and it is used in several motorsports.  While methanol has a low cetane rating, it also can be used in combustion ignition engines as a diesel fuel substitute.  Dual-fuel heavy-duty engines operating on diesel and methanol fuels can improve efficiency and dramatically reduce emissions for trucks, buses, and off-road vehicles.

Informative Presentations from Alternative Fuel Leaders

Methanol Fuel: China's Renewable Energy

Singapore – On Monday, Dr. John Shen, Chairman and CEO of methanol fuel cell producer Palcan, briefed MI’s Market Development Committee (MDC) on the company and its fuel cell projects in China.


Palcan’s methanol fuel cell technology is being widely used in buses, cold chain logistics, and other transportation vehicles. The company – in conjunction with Dongfeng – has produced China’s first 30KW methanol reformed fuel cell vehicle. Methanol fuel cells also provide an important range extender for electric vehicles. Additionally, Palcan’s fuel cells are being adopted for backup power in mobile phone base stations.

Methanol Institute Comments on EU Red II Trilogue Negotiations
Eelco Dekker

EU Chief Representative, Methanol Institute

Methanol as a Fuel Alternative
2017 Washington Methanol Policy Forum
Gil Dankner

Chairman; Dor Chemicals

Distributed Production of Methanol Fuels
2017 Washington Methanol Policy Forum
Vikram Rao

Executive Director; Research Triangle Energy Consortium

China’s use of fuel methanol and implications on future energy trends
2017 Washington Methanol Policy Forum
Peter Gross

Natural Gas Markets Team, U.S. Energy Information Administration

Another Look at Methanol as a Low Emission Alternative Fuel
2017 Washington Methanol Policy Forum
Harold Sun

Technical Director; FiTech

A New Look at Methanol: Accelerating Petroleum Reduction and the Transition to Low Carbon Mobility

Senior Director of Renewable Fuels; Carbon Recycling International

Beyond Oil and Gas: The Methanol Economy

Nobel Prize Winner  in Chemistry, 1994