Additional Resources of Methanol as an Automobile Fuel


On March 19, 2019, China announced its support for M100 methanol-fueled nationwide with a new policy. With this announcement, we have released a brief white paper on China’s methanol vehicle pilot and policy below.

Methanol Institute Comments on EU Red II Trilogue Negotiations

MI’s Chief EU Representative, Eelco Dekkers, gives an overview of the comments MI made on EU Red II Trilogue Negotiations. These comments appeal to Council, Parliament, and Commission to recognize crucial importance of all sustainable renewable fuels to reduce emissions in transport.

Methanol as a Fuel Alternative

Gil Danker from Dor Chemicals spoke at the 2017 Washington Methanol Policy Forum about Methanol as an alternative fuel.

Distributed Production of Methanol Fuels

Vikram Rao, Executive Director of Research Triangle Energy Consortium, spoke at the 2017 Washington Methanol Policy Forum.

China’s use of fuel methanol and implications on future energy trends

Peter Gross from Natural Gas Markets Team of U.S. of Energy Information Administration spoke at the 2017 Washington Methanol Policy Forum.

Another Look at Methanol as a Low Emission Alternative Fuel

Harold Sun, Techincal Director of FiTech, presented at the 2017 Washington Methanol Policy Forum.

A New Look at Methanol: Accelerating Petroleum Reduction and the Transition to Low Carbon Mobility

Read Paul Wuebben’s, Senior Director of Renewable Fuels of Carbon Recycling International, presentation on methanol’s role in reducing GHGs with methanol technologies.

Methanol Institute's Comments to CA Sustainable Freight Action Plan

MI’s CEO, Greg Dolan, shares comments on the California Sustainable Freight Plan in 2016.