Recent EPC article by Methanol Institute’s India Representative, Prakriti Sethi on methanol as a game-changer in driving India’s energy transition.
Methanol Institute’s CEO Gregory A. Dolan sat for an interview with India’s Energetica Magazine to discuss the benefits of renewable methanol for the Indian economy, its availability, utilization areas, competitiveness, demand.
The Methanol Institute has now established the India Methanol Economy Coalition (IMEC) to unify Indian companies that have an interest in developing India’s Methanol Economy. Through collective advocacy, IMEC will work with its members to promote the adoption of methanol as an energy product that will bolster sustainability and energy security in India.
Methanol Fuelling India’s Hydrogen Aspirations presents the potential of methanol as a hydrogen carrier, addresses policy gaps in the Indian context, and proposes recommendations to promote faster adoption of methanol and hydrogen.
For the past several years, Dr. V.K. Saraswat from the National Institution for Transforming India (NITI Aayog) has led India’s efforts to adopt a Methanol Economy. He has co-authored a NITI Aayog paper Methanol: A Competitive Alternative Fuel focusing on the economic comparison of ethanol, methanol, and gasoline in the Indian market.