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Methanol Poisoning Information Available in Various Languages

The Methanol Institute has translated methanol poisoning medical information in various languages to help combat the issue across the world. Click below to access the information in languages: Spanish; Russian; Turkish; Arabic; Malay; French; Hindi; Indonesian; Korean; Thai; Tagalog.

Methanol Safety During COVID-19 Pandemic

During this COVID-19 pandemic, there has been much misinformation on using methanol to combat the virus. The Methanol Institute advises to never use or drink methanol to treat COVID-19. Methanol is a toxic chemical and should never be consumed. We have developed a factsheet that covers what methanol is and provides information on the proper use of methanol in relation to COVID-19. We have also translated this factsheet into various languages. Click below to access the information in languages: Indonesian; Chinese; French; Vietnamese; Hindi; Spanish.