Methanol Institute Position on Energy Tax Directive Revision – MI offers full support for the European Commission’s proposed revision of the Energy Taxation Directive under the Fit for 55 packages. The central feature of the revision introduced in July is the restructuring of EU taxation of fuels to reflect actual energy content and environmental performance, rather than volumetric weight.

Measuring Maritime Emissions – The Methanol Institute (MI) is calling on maritime policy-makers to adopt a ‘well-to-wake’ approach in GHG accounting of fuels to support the decarbonization of maritime transport. MI believes an approach that accounts for GHG emissions of the fuel’s entire value chain is essential to stimulate the uptake of renewable fuels that can drive the maritime industry’s energy transition.

Methanol Institute’s Fit for 55: Key Implications for Liquid Fuels – MI hosted a webinar with industry experts from FuelsEurope, OCI/BioMCN, and the European Commission, to present the role of liquid fuels under the Fit for 55 package.