On January 24, 2019, the Methanol Institute sponsored a Methanol Fuel Forum in Trinidad and Tobago in association with Proman and MI member MHTL. The forum introduced methanol as an automotive fuel, highlighting the benefits of blending methanol in gasoline for Trinidad. Produced in Trinidad, blending of methanol in gasoline can reduce oil imports, provide savings for consumers, and help improve the environment. Moreover, it can be used as diesel fuel substitute for heavy-duty engines which will reduce emissions for trucks, buses and off-road vehicle.


Presentations from All of Speakers Below:


Greg Dolan

MI’s CEO presented on “Overview of Global Methanol Fuel Blending,” touching on benefits of methanol blending.


Kai Zhao

MI’s Kai Zhao also presented at the event. He discussed “Methanol Fuel Blending in China,” highlighting the use of methanol as a transportation fuel in China.

Gil Dankner

Gil Dankner, CEO of DOR Group in Israel, spoke on Israel’s use of methanol as an fuel alternative in various forms such as DME, BioDiesel, and fuel cell.


Vishard Chandool

MI member MHTL’s Vishard Chandool spoke on “Value Proposition for Methanol Fuel Blending in Trinidad and Tobago.”