Direct Methanol fuel cell

Fuel cells provides a cleaner and efficient way to convert fuel into electricity. Due to its varied potential, fuel cell is used in wide variety of applications such as automobiles, back up generators, and as a storage unit for electricity.

One of the fuel cells are Direct Methanol Fuel Cell (DMFC). Powered by pure methanol, the fuel cell offers portable power for various applications and allows for easier transportation. In addition, DMFC is CO2 neutral with emitting fewer emissions, making it environmentally-friendly.

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China's Renewable Energy Solution- Methanol Fuel

Singapore – On Monday July 16 2018,  Dr. John Shen, Chairman and CEO of methanol fuel cell producer Palcan, briefed MI’s Market Development Committee (MDC) on the company and its fuel cell projects in China.


Palcan’s methanol fuel cell technology is being widely used in buses, cold chain logistics, and other transportation vehicles. The company – in conjunction with Dongfeng – has produced China’s first 30KW methanol reformed fuel cell vehicle. Methanol fuel cells also provide an important range extender for electric vehicles. Additionally, Palcan’s fuel cells are being adopted for backup power in mobile phone base stations

Methanol Fuel Cells: Powering the World's Future Energy Needs

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