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International Methanol Vehicle 

 and Fuel Applications 

Conference and Exposition

11-13 October 2019

Chongqing Yuelai Conference Center

Chongqing, China



The International Methanol Vehicle and Fuel Applications Conference and Exposition will provide a forum to highlight current methanol vehicle developments in China and around the world.  Over 1,000 representatives from China’s automotive industry, officials from local government and state-owned enterprises, professionals from the finance and investor sector, and representatives of the global methanol industry are expected to attend the event.  The two-day conference will also feature an extensive exhibition of methanol fueled vehicles, component suppliers, and fueling infrastructure builders. 

In March 2019, eight ministries of China’s central government led by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT) issued a promotional policy paper – “Guidance of Developing Methanol Vehicles Applications in Chinaor “Paper 61” – to deploy methanol fueled vehicles across China.  Paper 61 follows a six-year pilot program conducted by MIIT involving over 1,000 cars, trucks and buses in 10 cities from 5 provinces operating on neat methanol or M100 and accumulated nearly 200 million kilometers of experience.  The policy paper encourages the broad commercial expansion of methanol-fueled vehicles in China – including hybrid and fuel cell vehicles – by the central government supported by significant policies initiatives.

The conference and exhibition are free of charge for all international participants, and volunteers will be provided to assist you with registration, visas, hotel accommodations, and travel, including all airport transfers.

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International Methanol  Vehicle

 and Fuel Applications 

Conference and Exposition


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