ACFA, EFOA and CPCIF Held “The Industry Impact of Bio-Fuel Ethanol” Seminar

February 8, 2018

Beijing, China-On 8th of Feb., 2018, Asia Clean Fuel Association (ACFA), European Fuel Oxygenate Association (EFOA) and China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Federation (CPCIF) held a seminar on the policy of “Expending the Production of Bio-Fuel Ethanol and Promotion of Ethanol Gasoline” issued by Chinese government in September 2017.


In the seminar, the Executive Director of ACFA, Clearance Woo introduced the views on the negative impacts of “Waste Corn” to bio fuel ethanol, such as waste of capacity and investment have been made in MTBE, high water consumption to produce ethanol, potential increase of ground ozone level when switching to ethanol gasoline and high PM and NOx emission if fuel ethanol is transferred to produce E10 nationally. Vice President of CPCIF, representatives from CNPC, Sinopec, Shell, BP, Huntsman and MI’s China Chief Representative attended this seminar.

China has a MTBE capacity of around 19 MMTs and produces 9 MMTs in 2017.