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Tim Chan joined the Methanol Institute (MI) as the Institute’s Manager for Government Relations and Business Development for the Asia Pacific and Middle East regions. Tim will be working on the Institute’s government relations strategy in Asia Pacific and Middle East, as well as looking into new applications for methanol to drive the expansion of the industry.  He has experience in climate change issues at various the national government and inter-governmental levels. His focus to date has been on how the global climate change discourse and national regulations are affecting the transport sector, primarily in the transport sector’s transition to cleaner fuels.  Tim graduated from Singapore Management University with a Bachelor’s in Political Science and Legal Studies.

Methanol fuel cell mobility pioneer with 15 years of experience within the fuel cell business

Experienced commercial executive and leader with focus on bringing fuel cell technology to global markets.

Build-up of global Sales & Service organisation for stationary fuel cell segment with network of key customers and partners.

Pioneer in methanol fuel cell mobility launching Europe's first public methanol fuel station and building several vehicles/vessels with global OEM’s.

Background in fuel cell from Schneider Electric and Ballard Power System

Mads Friis Jensen, Speaker

CCO  and Co-founder of Blue World Technologies M.Sc. Eng, INSEAD Business alumni

Tim Chan, Moderator 

Manager of Government Relations&Business Development (Asia/Middle East)

The complimentary “Methanol Fuel Cells: Powering the Future” webinar is organized by the Methanol Institute (MI) in collaboration with presenters from Blue World Technologies, Element1 Corp (e1), Palcan Energy Corporation, and Gumpert AIWAYS Automotive GmbH.  In the pursuit of sustainable energy solutions, many technologies have come to the fore with promise of reduced emissions.  The global transition to cleaner, greener, and more sustainable, requires users to be aware of the different technological solutions available that would meet their energy needs while offering a reduced footprint on the environment.  This webinar aims to share more information on one of those technological solutions – methanol fuel cells.

The presenters will share about the novel solutions their companies have developed with fuel cells utilizing methanol as a fuel or hydrogen carrier.  They will also explore how reliability and flexibility offered by methanol fuel cells can change the way we address the perennial challenges of power generation and mobility in the pursuit of sustainability.

Dr. John Shen is a pioneer and entrepreneur in renewable energy industry. He founded palcan companies in Shanghai, Suzhou, Changzhou, Zhejiang in China since 2009. focusing on developing, manufacturing, and promoting of methanol reforming hydrogen fuel cells.

Palcan has become a major player in hydrogen and fuel cell industry under Dr. Shen leadership. Dr. Shen has also been actively involved in fuel cell research and development with his extensive chemical engineering background in catalysis and fuel cell technology. For the last 20 years, he has been a chief engineer with registered Professional Engineer designation in management and instruction of fuel cell research & development and commercialization. Dr. Shen is acknowledged as one of the world’s leading experts on fuel cell technologies. He has been named as one of the “Fuel Cell 30” recognized by Fuel Cell Management in 2004. Dr. Shen was selected as "2018 Top Ten New Energy Person of the Year" by China Energy News and China Energy Economic Research Institute in 2018.

His Personal work: "Great Change: The Age of Methanol Energy" was published by Xinhua Publishing House. This book is the first in China to introduce the monograph of methanol reforming hydrogen fuel cell

Dr. John Shen, Speaker


Roland Gumpert, Speaker


Roland Gumpert is a veteran and visionary in the German automotive engineering industry.  He has had an illustrious career built over decades of work at Audi as well as his own private ventures.  He started his career at Audi as a test engineer before rising to become Head of Audi Sport and Special Development.  During his time at Audi, he worked on a number of vehicles like the Audi 50 (still available today as the Volkswagen Polo), the Volkswagen Iltis, Audi Sport Quattro, and Audi’s only motorcycle to date – the Z 02.  He was also responsible for Audi’s success at the race tracks where he led teams competing in races like the Paris Dakar Rally.  Over the span of his career, he won 25 rally titles and four world rally championships with Audi.  Off the racetrack, he was also one of the main figures behind Audi’s expansion into China where he started the first 40 Audi dealerships as Chief Sales and Marketing Officer of the VW-Audi Joint Venture in China.

After leaving Audi, Roland made his own mark by building the Apollo.  In 2005, the Apollo was regarded as the fastest sports car that could surpass other supercars such as Bugatti Veyron, Pagani Zonda, and Ascari A10 on the race track.

In 2016, Roland embarked on his latest project of developing a new generation of electric supercars.  Commenting on the current challenges to large scale adoption of electric vehicles, he stated "Because the limited range and the new Infrastructure for the rapidly required energy quantities are the biggest obstacle to the large-scale Introduction of electric vehicles." 

In 2017, Gumpert AIWAYS Automobile GmbH was founded a joint venture with Chinese automobile manufacturer AIWAYS. The goal was to design an electric supercar that could meet the current challenges that electric vehicles faced – limited range and recharging infrastructure.  The solution was announced in 2018 at the Beijing Motor Show and Geneva International Motor Show.  The Roland Gumpert Nathalie is a race-ready sports coupe which houses a methanol fuel cell allowing it extended range without the need for charging infrastructure.  In 2020, the company hits its latest milestone with the commencement of commercial manufacturing of the vehicle which will be available to customers in the third quarter of the year.

Experience: 30 years (10 years at Element 1 Corp.) directing the operations and business development activities of two companies. Currently lead the business development and commercialization of advanced hydrogen generator technologies into a global market.

Previous Employment: Columbia River Bank (VP Commercial Business), Pangaea Technology Resources (CEO and Founder), Windermere Builder Services (Sales Manager), United States Naval (Officer).

Education: 1987, BS Business Management, Ithaca College

Robert Schluter, Speaker


Time (CET) Agenda Item Presenter/Moderator
1500 Hrs MI Introduction Tim Chan
1505 Hrs Blue World Presentation Mads Friis Jensen
1520 Hrs e1 Presentation Robert Schluter
1535 Hrs Palcan Presentation Dr. John Shen
1605 Hrs Q/A All