Upcoming Events

4月, 2014
火, 4月 22nd - 木, 4月 24th ICCP K-Reach Seminar (details)
5月, 2014
火, 5月 13th - 木, 5月 15th 18th Annual Oil & Gas Uzbekistan (OGU) Exhibition & Conference (Tashkent, Uzbekistan) (details)
木, 5月 15th - 金, 5月 16th 2014 China Association of Alcohol & Ether Clean Fuel and Automobiles (CAAEFA) Annual Meeting (China)
火, 5月 20th - 水, 5月 21st TGC 2014: 5th Turkmenistan Gas Congress (Ashgabat, Turkmenistan) (details)
6月, 2014
水, 6月 4th - 木, 6月 5th 9th MeOH Week 2014 (Hong Kong) (details)
水, 6月 11th MI 2014 Annual General Meeting & Board of Directors Meeting (Porto, Portugal) (details)
木, 6月 12th - 金, 6月 13th Mini-IMPCA Europe Conference (Porto, Portugal) (details)
7月, 2014
火, 7月 1st - 水, 7月 2nd 2014 China International Nitrogen Fertilizer & Methanol Conference (Beijing, China) (details)
9月, 2014
火, 9月 16th - 木, 9月 18th Argus/JJ&A Methanol Forum (Houston, Texas) (details)
10月, 2014
火, 10月 7th - 木, 10月 9th 6th International DME Conference (DME 6) (San Diego, California) (details)
火, 10月 21st - 木, 10月 23rd The 32nd Annual IHS World Methanol Conference (Amsterdam, Netherlands) (details)
11月, 2014
土, 11月 1st - 日, 11月 30th 17th IMPCA 2014 Asian Methanol Conference (Singapore) (Dates TBD) (details)
日, 11月 23rd - 火, 11月 25th 9th GPCA Annual Forum (Dubai, UAE) (details)
水, 11月 26th QAFAC-MI Middle East Methanol Forum (Doha, Qatar)
木, 11月 27th MI Board of Directors Meeting (Doha, Qatar)