Upcoming Events

6月, 2015
水, 6月 3rd - 木, 6月 4th Argus DeWitt MTBE and Methanol Conference 2015 (details)
日, 6月 7th - 水, 6月 10th Johnson Matthey International Methanol Technology Operators' Forum (IMPTOF) (London, UK) (details)
月, 6月 8th - 火, 6月 9th 10th MeOH Week (details)
水, 6月 10th MI Board of Directors Meeting (London, UK) (details)
木, 6月 11th - 金, 6月 12th Mini-IMPCA Europe Conference (Location TBD) (details)
月, 6月 15th - 火, 6月 16th The 4th Global Energy Forum on Energy Security (details)
水, 6月 17th Methanol Heavy Duty Workshop (details)
金, 6月 26th 10th Russian International "Methanol 2015" Conference (St. Petersburg, Russia) (details)
9月, 2015
火, 9月 1st - 水, 9月 2nd Argus/JJ&A Methanol Forum (Houston, Texas) (EXACT DATES TBD) (details)
11月, 2015
火, 11月 3rd - 木, 11月 5th 18th IMPCA 2015 Asian Methanol Conference (Singapore) (details)
月, 11月 9th MI Board of Directors Meeting (Beijing, China) (details)
火, 11月 10th - 木, 11月 12th The IHS Chemical 33rd Annual World Methanol Conference (Munich, Germany) (details)