Methanol Safety Resources

EPA Methanol (Non-Cancer) Assessment  The US EPA has finalized its methanol (non-cancer) assessment, but has failed to address scientific criticism.

Methanol Product Stewardship
- A fact sheet from the Methanol Institute that highlights the industry's committment ot safe handling and proper care of the methanol molecule.

Methanol Health Effects - An overview of the health effects of methanol exposure.

Methanol Safe Handling Take Home Tips - A smaller, take home document, built from the larger Methanol Safe Handling Manual.

Methanol Safe Handling Manual - The definitive guide to methanol storage, transport and handling in the workplace.

NSTA Laboratory Safe Handling Overview - An alcohol in the laboratory safe handling document created by the National Science Teachers Assoication (

Methanol Emergency Response - Methanol Institute's brief emergency response overview fact sheet.