Safe Handling

Methanol can be an incredibly useful resource, whether you are using it as a chemical feedstock or for its many downstream applications. However, before you can reap the benefits of the methanol molecule it is important to understand how it is safely stored and handled. Methanol is both flammable and corrosive, and is also toxic if ingested.

Knowing the risks associated with methanol and taking proper safey measures in its storage and transportation can ensure the well-being of workers and individuals around the globe. Here you will find a wealth of information on methanol safe handling. Please refer to these documents for guidance on methanol safety and feel free to download and distribute them to others in your industry. You can also view our video, Methanol Safe Handling: A User's Guide on our YouTube Channel.

If you have any further questions about how to safely utilize methanol, please contact us.

Other Methanol Safe Handling Resources:

Methanol Safe Handling Manual
- A comprehensive guide to methanol uses, precautions, and safety procedures.

Methanol Safe Handling - Take Home Tips - A one-page, user's guide to methanol safe handling.

Methanol Emergency Response - A fact sheet outlining the potential hazards of methanol.

Methanol Health Effects - A fact sheet outlining methanol's impact on human health.
NSTA - Safe Handling of Alcohol in the Laboratory - A list of safety procedures for alcohol handling prepared by the National Science Teachers Association.