Environment Resources

White Paper: Methanol Use in Hydraulic Fracturing - A 2011 study - updated in January of 2012 to include air emissions data - that examined the role of methanol's use in 'fracking' fluids, and determined that exposure risks were exceedingly low and that methanol would quickly biodegrrade in the environment.

White Paper: The Fate and Transport of Methanol in the Environment - A 1999 study by Malcolm Pirnie that examined different hypothetical spill scenarios and determined that methanol quickly breaks down in the environment and does not pose a health hazard in the event of a spill.

Water, Environment & Technology Magazine: Methanol Handling Practices - An article in WE&T Magazine written by MI's Greg Dolan on the campaign to promote safety at wastewater treatment plants throughout the United States, November 2007.

Methanol Safe Handling Presentation - A presentation on methanol safety given by MI's Greg Dolan to wastewater treatment plant workers in Prince William County, Virginia in January 2010.