Methanol Policy Forum 2012 - Washington D.C.



The first edition of the annual methanol Policy Forum was held in Washington, DC on March 27th, 2012.  The event drew attendees from around the globe, representing over 30 countries with representatives of academia, industry, consumer groups and environmentalists.  The comprehensive agenda focused on the use of methanol as a liquid fuel replacement for gasoline in today's transportation system and the immense potential and benefits of doing so.  
But the MPF was not intended to be just for attendees only - with so many experts gathered together, we wanted to make sure we could share the presentations and discussions with the global community.  So within the pages of this section, you can find video of every session, copies of speakers presentations and translations of our international presenters, and also resources that helped to inform the discussion before the event took place.  
We encourage you to share this information with your colleagues, your students, your friends, and keep the dialogue going in the public space.  Methanol is poised to play an incresingly significant role in the way we address the problems of the world's dependence on petroleum, and with environmental benefits and low cost, governments and companies across the globe are rapidly adapting there thinking to include this miracle molecule.

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