Energy Resources

Fuelling the Future - An article on GEM fuels from Racecar Enginnering Magazine

Biodiesel Primer 2013
- An overview of biodiesel prepared by MI and the Global Biofuels Center.

Methanol Safety Article from Biodiesel Smarter Magazine - An article by MI's Greg Dolan on methanol safety.

MI RFS 2 Comments - A comment from MI on the Renewable Fuel Standard rule proposed by the EPA.

DME: Global Developments - Opportunities and Challenges - A presentation by Dr. Theo Fleisch on DME.

MI Contribution to DG MOVE - June 2010 - A letter from MI to the European Commission Expert Group on Future Transport Fuels.

Extending the Supply of Alcohol Fuels for Energy Security and Carbon Reduction - A report by Lotus Engineering and PARC on de-carbonizing the transportation fleet.

Methanol as a Gasoline Blending Component - An MI presentation on methanol as a transportation fuel.

MI Comments on Shanxi Methanol Fuel Standards - Comments from MI regarding low-level fuel blending standards for M5-M15 in Shanxi Province, China.

Alternative Fuel Properties - A chart detailing the chemical properties of eight transportation fuels.

CEC: Fifteen Years of Fuel Methanol Distribution - A report by the California Energy Commission on methanol as a transportation fuel.

CEC: Alcohol Fuel Flexibility - Progress and Prospects - A 2005 report on the development of flex fuel vehicles.

Energy Tribune: Can Methanol Really Make a Dent in U.S. Oil Demand? - An article by MI's John Lynn on methanol's viability as a transportation fuel.

The Methanol Story: A Sustainable Fuel for the Future - An article on methanol fuel by Roberta Nichols of Ford Motor Company.

MIT Methanol Report - November 2010 - A report on methanol as a transportation fuel in the U.S. by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

MIT Natural Gas Report - June 2010 - A report on the future of natural gas by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Methanol Growth in Fuels and Regulatory Challenges - A presentation given by MI's Greg Dolan at the 2010 World Methanol Conference in Barcelona.

Methanol: The Ultimate XTL Fuel - A presentation given by MI's Greg Dolan at the 2010 World XTL Summit in London

Dimethyl Ether: An Emerging Methanol-Based Alternative Fuel - A presentation by MI's Greg Dolan on DME as an emerging global fuel.

Methanol Fuel Cell Alliance - Joint Position Document - A position paper outlining the objectives of the MFCA, September 2002.

Beyond the Internal Combustion Engine - MI Promise Report - An MI report on methanol fuel cells and the task of integrating methanol into the transportation sector, 2004.

Methanol Fuel Quality Specification Study - A study by Xcellsis on the performance of methanol in proton exchange membrane fuel cells, February 2002.

GE Gas Turbines and Methanol Fuel - A report on GE gas turbines eligible for conversion to methanol by Longview Energy Associates, August 2007.

MHTL Methanol to Power Project - A one page fact sheet explaining the methanol-to-power project commissioned by MHTL in Trinidad, July 25, 2007.

Conversion of Liquid Fueled Turbines to Methanol Study - A report on methanol fueled turbines in New York State by Electrotek, September 2003.

Feasibility of Methanol as Gas Turbine Fuel - A GE position paper on the successful testing of methanol as a fuel for gas turbines, February 2001.