About Us

The Methanol Institute (MI) serves as the global trade association for one of the world's most vibrant and innovative industries. Founded in 1989 to lobby the U.S. Congress in support of methanol fuel markets, MI now serves its members in every corner of the globe from our offices in Singapore and Washington, D.C.

The global methanol industry impacts our daily lives in countless ways. Methanol is an essential chemical building block for numerous products that touch our daily lives, and in an era focused on alternative energy, it is an emerging energy resource. Each day, roughly 70,000 metric tonnes of methanol (23 million gallons or 87 million liters) is shipped from one continent to another, enough product to fill 777 rail cars. Today, our membership includes the world’s leading methanol producers, technology companies, distributors, terminal operators and shippers.

The methanol industry’s leading companies have joined to support MI as the most effective way to interact with governments, NGOs and potential new customers throughout the global marketplace. MI collaborates with each of our member companies to create solutions for the global industry, and to ensure that already vibrant markets for methanol and its numerous derivatives continue to thrive.

Most importantly, the leading executives of MI’s member companies provide their vision and insight to help drive the future of the methanol industry. The Methanol Institute provides the platform for our members’ voices to resonate throughout the global marketplace and in the halls of government around the globe.


As the global trade association for the methanol industry, the mission of the Methanol Institute is to serve and provide cost-effective value to its membership by:
  • Promoting the growth of the global methanol industry as an essential chemical commodity and an emerging source of clean energy;
  • Providing product stewardship leadership to ensure the proper and safe handling of methanol across the global distribution chain;
  • Ensuring that the best available science is made available to regulatory and public policy debates which impact the industry; and
  • Serving as the voice of the global methanol industry to promote the image of methanol, the Methanol Institute, and its member companies.